Our visiting specialists and maintenance & repairs:


Our highly trained certified technicians can help you to repair and maintain all your devices and products.

Our Peace of Mind:
• The highest quality repairs standards
• Meeting your schedules
• Complete full service repair
• Excellence in customer service
• Cost effective, responsive reliable repair solutions
• We offer emergency repair services
• Customized repair solutions for your specific needs















Occupational therapy advice:

The occupational therapist helps people with a disability to perform daily activities independently with as little as possible complaints. Thereby the therapist considers the patients wishes and possibilities, in their daily activities, household activities, personal care, mobility and occupation. The occupational therapist his name is Max van Drongelen and works every week by BESt Care Zorgwinkel.




Orthotics and prosthetics consults:

Every week on Bonaire and once a month on Saba and  St. Eustatius, there is an Orthotic Prosthetic Specialist, visiting the islands.  The Orthotic and Prosthetic Specialists design, build, and fit orthopedic braces, surgical supports,

and artificial limbs and can provide the rehabilitation care needed to improve lifestyles.






Custom Wigs:

We work together with Nina Wig studio to make wigs that women are entitled to when a certain disease has been diagnosed.

It can be helpful to understand the main types of wigs available. There are two main wig options:

Synthetic hair and Human hair. Each type has its advantages.  An appointment is made after referral through our office.

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I am happy and proud to have BESt Care Zorgwinkel to support me with all my needs.

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