Mother & Child

NEW in the BESt Care shop:
New in the shop are products for mom & baby.
Breast feeding is the best for a baby.
To stimulate the breast feed we sell flask pumps, manual and electric pumps. 
When breast feeding is not possible there is Nutrilon standard 1till 5.
We have all kinds off Nutrilon baby food. We have Dutch packaging.
We have water Wipes for baby's and also the brand Zwitsal & Bambo diapers.
Call and schedule consultation today!

Kaya Watt # 4 {zijstraat van Kaya Industria Pariba}

Kralendijk Bonaire CN

KvK: 10916

Tel:  (599)  717-5543

Fax: (599)  717-5724

Cell: (599)  796-2211

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