From June 1 2020 new opening hours:

Monday till Friday from 8.00 am till 5.30 pm non stop. Saterday from 10.00 am till 2.00 pm.

Product Catalogue

We offer various products like wheelchairs, hearing aids, patient lifts and nutrition Please go to our products section for a complete overview.


The Rijksdienst Caribisch Netherlands unit Health Care Insurance Office implements the public healthcare insurance as regulated in the Healthcare Insurance Decree.


Our rental items include wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, hospital beds and baby stuff and much more. All rental items are cleaned and sterilized.

Core Values


Our core values are Positivity, Promote independence and Patience. These tools support us in our daily actions.



Means that we consider people from their skills rather than shortcomings. Positive means that we mainly see opportunities instead of threats.



Means that each client has as much choices as possible and lives as independently as possible. That's why we support promoting the independence and autonomy of our clients as much as possible. We want them to feel respected.


Together we give meaning to the unique relationship between healthcare professionals, patient and caregiver. As professionals, we work as a team with other organizations.



Means at any time, and with every client. Because it takes time to adjust and to find the right tool for the right person. We care!

Our Mission


To ensure the quality of life of every client

We do so in a way that fits our view of human kindness: “Every human being is an individual with an identity that may need help.” We deliver care in a way that suits the client best at home.

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Kaya Watt # 4 {zijstraat van Kaya Industria Pariba}

Kralendijk Bonaire CN

KvK: 10916

Tel:  (599)  717-5543

Fax: (599)  717-5724

Cell: (599)  796-2211

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